Get Involved In The Amazon Goldrush & Start Your Own Physical Product Business, Sourcing Suppliers In China & Selling on Amazon

Hi my name is Ben Laing and I’ve been helping businesses get more sales online with training on marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which is getting website and products higher on search engines such as Google or Amazon and Social Media Marketing.

I recently got involved in selling physical products on Amazon using a successful business model where we can leverage the price of buying products from suppliers in China and selling them on in the US and UK at amazing profit margins. We’re Also using Amazon’s FBA service (Fulfillment By Amazon) which lets Amazon take care of the sales process and shipping your products out from Amazon to the customer. They also deal with returns and customer service.

Amazon Goldrush is an online video course taking you through this business process that has helped us make over $50,000 in sales so far with just one product! We now have 2 products and are deciding on our third product to grow our business.

The course is structured in a step by step formula showing you how to pick a product, packaging, shipping, setting up Amazon Seller Central, promoting and selling your products online for huge profits. We also show you how to set up this business so that it’s completely automated and will only require about 1 hour of your day to run the entire business.

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